I went in for my appointment with my midwife at 11:00 am on the 11th of October. Before doing the usual check up stuff, we talked about the different things that we could do to get this going a little since I was just about 40 weeks, it didn’t seem that I’d be having Aiden anytime soon, and I was having a hard time sleeping because I wanted him out so bad.

She told me that she could strip my cervix when she checked to see how far dilated I was since 36 weeks, 6 days when we had the whole false labor thing. I decided to have her do it. She told me about using blue and black cohosh to bring on the contractions and help him drop more. She told me that she would be willing to break my water since I was 5 cm dilated, if that’s what we wanted. We asked her about using castor oil to bring on contractions, and she told us we could try it if we wanted, but that I could end up stuck on the toilet for a while, which I already knew.

After we left, we went to get food at McDonalds before going home, I was feeling pretty uncomfortable from having my cervix stripped, so Jay ran in to get the food (there were too many people at the drive-thru), I waited in the car. Around noon, the contractions started. I had pretty constant contractions like the ones I had during my false labor, and 3 harder ones at different points during the day where I couldn’t move and had to pretty much breathe through them.

Jay mixed a tablespoon of castor oil in a glass of juice for me… well, of course it wouldn’t actually mix since it’s oil, it just floated. I downed the glass of juice, but not sure how much of the castor oil I got down since it floated until the end and stuck to the glass. It didn’t work, I never had to make friends with the toilet (at least until later), which I was very thankful for, but the annoying false labor kinda contractions were still there.

At 10:00 pm, we decided to call my midwife to let her know how I was doing. She told us to come in right away so she could check me. I got my stuff together, called my mom to let her know what was happening, and we headed out to the Maternity Center.

When we got there, she checked me, still only at 5 cm, but was up to 75% effaced from 50%. She gave me a little cup of blue and black cohosh drops mixed with juice, and then Jay and I went for a walk. I called my mom to tell her that we weren’t going anywhere without a baby this time, so her and my sisters could come out. A half hour later I was given another little cup of the drops, and yet another half hour after that.

The contractions were coming together more, but still weren’t as strong as they needed to be. She checked me again, Aiden had dropped, but no other progress. We were then left to decide whether or not we’d go ahead with breaking my water, knowing that once it was broken, I’d have 24 hours to get him out, or I’d have to go to the hospital.

My mom and sisters were there at that point and waiting in the kitchen so Jay and I could make a decision… we decided to have her break my water, we wanted our baby!

She came in and tried to break it, but didn’t manage to get it, just the first layer. It was pinching me for some reason, so she stopped and I went back to walking around a bit. Another attempt was made at breaking my water at 2 am, and it was a success!

Jay and I tried to get some sleep since we’d been up since 9:00 that morning. It was about 2:30 am, October 12th at this point. I couldn’t sleep, the contractions hurt way too much, but they were nothing compared to what came after.  I spent the entire night going from the bed, to the toilet, to the tub. By about 6:00 in the morning I was in tears from the pain.

My dad showed up at this point, very excited to meet his grandson… he had a while more to wait.

The next time my midwife checked me, I was 7 cm dilated, and 100% effaced… not sure of what time it was. I was having a lot of back labor because at some point, Aiden turned and put his back against mine. I used the birthing ball to get me through it while he was trying to turn around.

At some point I decided to try another bath to deal with the pain… it hurt so much that I decided to go to the hospital for an epidural, so my midwife went to call an ambulance.

Jay got all of my stuff together while I sat on the ball trying to deal with the pain. The ambulance was on its way.

At this point it was about 11:00 am or so, and I was starting to feel lots of pressure. My mom told me I should get checked one more time before going anywhere with the pressure I was feeling… didn’t want to end up having the baby in the ambulance, with Jay having to follow in the car.

Turned out that I was 10 cm and ready to start pushing (or at least that’s what my midwife told me… I actually still had a half cm to go), so we had the ambulance leave… leaving me to give birth completely naturally, just as I had wanted.

I pushed lying on my back, I moved to a squatting position on the floor, on the toilet… Aiden finally turned enough that my back wasn’t hurting as much… not to mention the pain it was causing in my legs… unbearable pain!

It took from 11:30 am ish until 3:34 pm of pushing to get my big boy out. The pain having a head push out that tiny hole is insane. It burns and feels as if you’re going to rip in half towards the clitoris! I didn’t want to keep pushing… so afraid to tear. I was screaming out such things as, “WHAT THE F*** WAS I THINKING?!?!?!?!” and “I CAN’T DO IT!”… My mom and sister Liza were telling me that I could do it, and to push really hard… he was coming. Each contraction I had, his head would come out a little more… it was such a relief when it was out all the way. Just before the next contraction to push out his shoulders, he started to move around! It was the most awkward, uncomfortable thing in the whole entire world, to have his head out but still be moving on the inside. The next contraction came and I pushed as hard as I could while the midwives pulled and moved him around to get him out. He had one of his hands up by his head, so it was more painful and difficult to get him out. I even had to push to get his feet out, which was weird… usually they slide out after the shoulders… he had big feet.

His first cry was amazing to hear, and I was finally able to hold him… I’ll never forget seeing him for the first time, all white gunk, trying to open his eyes.

We waited for the umbilical cord to stop pulsating before cutting it. Jay did the honors.

With the next contraction, I pushed out the placenta. Giving birth was finally over.

Jay was amazing through the whole thing… he helped me so much. He was crying almost as much as me because he hated seeing me in so much pain and not being able to make it go away. I am so lucky to have him, and so is Aiden… He’s an amazing father.

My mom and sister were an amazing help as well. I am so glad they were there.

Liza (my sister) videoed the end bit of me pushing him out… it’s an amazing thing to see.

After going through all that pain, I wasn’t too sure I’d ever want to have another baby… but having Aiden definitely changed my mind. The pain is so worth it in the end. Looking forward to the whole experience with our second child.

I have the most amazing son in the whole entire world. I love being his mom.


At the time of my son’s birth I was 19 years old, turned 20 just 13 days later… I am now 22. My husband, Jason, was 18 years old at the time, now 20. We are now expecting baby #2 for March 2010.
I am vlogging my pregnancy on youtube… It can be found here.