My fraternal twin boys were born at 36.3 weeks.  They weighed 5.1lbs and 4.11 lbs.

They wanted to induce me because they thought baby A wasn’t growing anymore (they were wrong, they were off by 2 lbs and he was the biggest one). I went to the hospital. They hooked up the IV. They were going to put in the cervidel (without checking me first), they opened it and as they were checking to put it in…”Oops your 3 cm already”. So they had a $900 opened cervidel they cant use. it was a teaching hospital and now that I look back things could have gone better.

I really wanted an epidural this time. I didn’t have one with my oldest son and knew what it was like to give natural child birth. I didn’t want to go through that again. They wanted to break my water at 4 cm. I told them I wanted and epi before they broke my water because I KNEW that once they did, the contractions would get horrible and I would go fast. They of course didn’t listen and told me to wait 45 min after water broke to get the epi.

WELL……. 20 min later I was almost crowning. I had to page the nurse to get in my room. My husband was in the bathroom. No one had a clue what was happening. They came in and checked me and then immediately starting rushing around. They got my bed and rolled me down to the OR. One nurse had to find my husband. he had to get scrubs on. Then I had to wait for the dr to scrub and for them to get ready.

I was in such pain. I was crying and was telling them I told you so!!!  Husband came in, anesthesiologist came in just in case (where were you earlier..LOL). I was laid on the cold very narrow OR table with no pillow. I was so uncomfortable, I felt like I was going to fall off the table it was so small. Had feet in stir-ups. I had one doctor doing the ultra sound  to make sure they were still head down and a student delivering. My dr wasn’t even there.

In between pushes one dr did an ultra sound the whole time.  I had baby A then they had to break my water for Baby B to kick start contractions again. I had baby B 20 min later. NICU nurses were there of course. I got to see the babies quick but not hold them. I got no pic as they were born because of the rush.(Baby A had a heart defect they knew about in utero so he had to get checked out).

I had to have some stitches but not many. I felt like I could run a marathon after. NOTHING compared to my first birth where I got an episiotomy and lots of stitches. I was so sore. I had another birth 3 months ago (a girl finally). I did get my epi this time and had her in 2 hours start to finish. I tore and was very sore with her. With the twins I was not sore after thank goodness. I had to walk in between floors going to the NICU to breastfeed Aiden and then going back to my postpartum floor to breastfeed Riley. Did that for 4 days and we came home.

I think I wasn’t as sore with the twins because they were smaller and therefore didnt tear as much as the others. That is my story of my natural drug free twin birth.

Mama of 4