So they weren’t Braxton Hicks after all!! LOL!! So it all started Sunday night, I started having “Braxton HIcks” then on Monday too. I had a doctors apt Monday afternoon and I asked my doctor to check me b/c I was now 36 weeks, she said nope, we start checking at 37 weeks and those are just braxton hicks. So I was disappointed and went home.

Over the next two days I went to work (I sit in a room with one other pregnant woman and 3 mothers) and so I shared with them each hour or so my “pressure pains” I was feeling. Everyone laughed as I kept saying I was going to go natural, and bring my make up to the hospital!! LOL!! But we all knew I still had at least 3 more weeks.

On Wednesday after lunch I began to just time my braxton hicks just to see…they were 20 minutes apart. I only timed them for about an hour because after all this was false labor. I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Then Wednesday night, I didn’t really get too much sleep, I moaned in my sleep to deal with those BH!! Thursday morning, I woke up, got in the shower was going to go to work, when “something Happened”…I was loosing my “plug”. So I decided to stay home and go into work late because I wasn’t sure what to think.

Still having contractions, more than 6 an hour…but hey I have been doing this now for like 3-4 days. So I told my boss I would see him about lunch time. Well I called a few friends to ask them their advice…everyone said…oh it could still be weeks. I was like ok…so I tried to rest since I didn’t get much sleep, well that didn’t work I was uncomfortable.

Well my friend Celena came over, mother of 4, and cleaned my tub with bleach so “in case” I wanted to soak in the tub to ease my false labor. Well she also kept trying to get me to pack my hospital bag, which I had not done and also had no bag and nothing to put in it. She suggested I go to Walmart and get that together. So TJ came home from work, I was doing laundry and watching TV. Then at 7:00 I told him I was going to walmart and to get dog food. I went and got my stuff for my hospital bag, oh and contractions were now like 10 min apart as I am walking around walmart and the pet store, driving down the road…I can’t believe it now looking back on it.

So anyways I came home finished laundry packed my stuff. Then I had TJ start timing my contractions, they were about 8-5 min apart 35-45 sec, which we knew they had to be consistant for an hour and last 60 sec each to be real labor. Also we knew they had to be 3-5 min apart to go to the hospital. So they weren’t so we knew it was false labor.

TJ went to sleep at about 9pm. I laid down at about 10:30, and at 1:30 gave up on sleeping go out of bed and took a shower. I knew a shower was supposed to help with the pain and if it was false labor, it was supposed to make the braxton hicks go away. Well it did help with the pain but didnt make them stop.

So after my shower I did my hair and makeup like I was going to a party and timed my contractions. They were 3 min apart for the entire hour I was doing my hair and makeup. So at 3:00am I woke TJ up and said we should go to the hospital so I can get checked. He was like, do I have time to shower…I said sure. So he showered and all.

We finally got to the hospital at 4:00am. When I checked in at the nurses station they knew I was probably going to be sent home b/c of the way I was acting…they all said I was probably 1cm dialated. WELL the nurse checked me and said…ADMIT HER!!! I was 6cm dialated when I checked in.

I then explained how my goal was to go natural…they were very accommodating and didn’t argue my wishes at all. TJ went to sleep in the chair and I went to “WALK IT OUT” I wanted to be alone people…so I walked…they checked…I walked and so on, I was dilating perfectly, then I got to transition and all the doctors and nurses were in amazement at my ability to quietly deal with each contraction. Until I got stuck at 9cm, with a “lip” that wouldn’t allow me to go to 10cm. So I walked it out, I wanted to push but couldn’t, So after 1 hour of being stuck at 9cm I jumped in the shower, I was almost there but I was doing a lot of praying to God for the strength to go to 10cm, this was the worst.

Finally after 20 min standing in the shower…asking for GRAVITY and GOD’s help, I was at 10cm I could push. After 4 sets of pushes she was out!!! I had made it through and everything was perfect thanks to GOD above. My little angel was here and awake and alert!! Oh and I can say TJ woke up at 9am when I woke him up, he helped me with everything, the birthing ball, the shower, he rubbed my back, everything, he was the greatest labor coach ever. Thank GOD he went to those “stupid natural labor classes” as he called them!! HAHA, WE did it!!

The other funny part was the whole time I was in transition I just wanted to eat and sleep I remember saying that over and over. They said push this baby out and you can have whatever you want….I ordered a brownie and ice cream directly to the delivery room with a fruit cup and ham and cheese omelet with bacon and pancakes….I ATE IT ALL!!!! I deserved it.

Well that is my story, I am very proud of TJ and I and I am very blessed and thankful to GOD that I was able to have such a perfect birth experience. I truly could not have done any of this with out God and TJ by my side!! My wonderful husband is the best!!!