I had prodromal labor for months with him so it was nothing new when the contractions started at 8pm. I tried to sleep and for the first time they didn’t stop, but got a little stronger. I got up, took a shower and begged him to let me sleep a little. They slowed to about every 15min and I got a few (restless) hours in.

I had an appointment at 9am to strip my membranes and try to keep things going. Thankfully, by 9am, I was in hard labor. I had been sitting at 5cm for weeks so when I let her check me I was happy to find I was 7cm already!

At 10am I had a hep lock put in for GBS abx, we ran a cycle and then I got in the shower. I sat on the labor ball in the shower for an hour, got out and ran another cycle of abx.

She checked me I was a full stretchy 8 and wearing down fast, she suggest breaking my water and I happily agreed. With the next contraction she broke it and told me if I wanted another waterbirth I had better get in the tub NOW.

I got in and with the next contraction he was crowning. I pushed maybe 2 or 3 times and delivered my 2nd beautiful boy.

To manage the after birth bleeding I had with the previous birth, I took alfalfa supplements, and she ran some pit through the hep lock as I pushed him out. No problems this time.

Another perfect birth for me.