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Naomi’s birth story actually starts months before her birth. When we announced her due date – April 28 – we realized that the weekend before she was due (April 23 and 24), I had a bat mitzvah student who would become bat mitzvah that weekend. This girl  (M) and I had gotten close during her [...]

I don’t even know where to begin. Things flowed so smoothly that it’s hard to call any point a starting point. A week before I started labor I lost my mucus plug. I’d been downing red raspberry leaf tea and doing evening primrose oil nightly for a few weeks. I was gently getting to know [...]

My ‘natural’ birth story, the story of Erik’s birth, truly begins three years before his birth when his older sister Roxanne was born.  Going into Roxanne’s birth, I did not feel empowered, I felt scared and sure that I would need an epidural.  My attitude about birth was formed only by the common lore that [...]

My November 2008 birth story of baby D and a successful HBAC. The 27th was Thanksgiving. We went to my moms for dinner and ate at about 2:30pm. We left at 20 to 7pm and came home. I was tired and just over done. About 8pm, I had a snack (popcorn) and Jason and I [...]

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This story starts long before Hannah was conceived. It starts in the operating room where my son, Mason, was born by cesarean section. I was induced simply because my OB/GYN said I was “overdue”… I was just 40w 6d. Mason was posterior, and I was stuck in bed with an epidural and the million and [...]

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Birth is inspiring, amazing, and empowering. This website shares a collection of real natural birth experiences from you, the readers. Births the way nature intended. No pitocin. No epidural. Just the beauty (and intensity!) of the human body at work. Whether you've had one natural birth, five natural births, or are considering natural birth in the future, our hope is you will find courage and joy in these stories. Enjoy.

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