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*This birth story is told from the point of view of the father’s Aunt, who was also their doula* My journey began on August 1st when Amanda and Jonathan called to ask if I would be their doula.  I was completely taken by surprise!  Being a doula for family is not “a right,” it is [...]

So it all started about 12:45am on September 18, 2009, early Friday morning.  Woke up wondering why I was peeing myself then came out of my prego sleep stupor and realized that it probably wasn’t pee…  So I ran to our bedroom (sleeping on the couch the past few weeks) and woke up George.  We [...]

I went from planning on making supper around 4:00, to sending hubby out to get McDonalds and my sister around 4:20, to them arriving home an hour later and 10 minutes after that hubby calling for my sister to come and catch while he was on the phone with 911.  The midwives were about 20 [...]

Well, after wondering just when real labour would start and the Little Mister would arrive, we found out early this morning. At around 11:30 last night my contractions were strong enough to keep me from sleeping, and about 3 minutes apart. I got into the tub to do the “bath test” (the midwives have found [...]

Thursday, the 29th of September, I got up early as usual, went to the gym and had a uneventful morning. We started schoolwork after our usual morning schedule once I got home and Kim had left for work, and close to 11 a.m., I felt my first sensation. I was not quite sure it was [...]

My ‘natural’ birth story, the story of Erik’s birth, truly begins three years before his birth when his older sister Roxanne was born.  Going into Roxanne’s birth, I did not feel empowered, I felt scared and sure that I would need an epidural.  My attitude about birth was formed only by the common lore that [...]

This was my first natural birth and I was 3 days overdue with my third baby.   I started having contractions on Monday morning, November 25.  I was hoping that this would be the day. My contractions weren’t painful, but were coming consistently, but irregularly, if that makes since.  One would be 20 min. apart, then [...]

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Thursday March the 12th I went to my midwives for my 38 week check up. I asked them to check my cervix and I was very soft and dilated to a 2. My midwife said I was going to have a great and speedy labor. I was so excited to give birth again. My first [...]

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My November 2008 birth story of baby D and a successful HBAC. The 27th was Thanksgiving. We went to my moms for dinner and ate at about 2:30pm. We left at 20 to 7pm and came home. I was tired and just over done. About 8pm, I had a snack (popcorn) and Jason and I [...]

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It was the night following the afternoon in which I thought vehemently, “I can. NOT. do. this. one. more. day!”  I woke up when John came home late from a meeting, and noticed the familiar tightening that usually just faded away during the weeks prior.  Night-time, it seemed, was workout time for my tummy. But this time [...]

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