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My fraternal twin boys were born at 36.3 weeks.  They weighed 5.1lbs and 4.11 lbs. They wanted to induce me because they thought baby A wasn’t growing anymore (they were wrong, they were off by 2 lbs and he was the biggest one). I went to the hospital. They hooked up the IV. They were [...]

So they weren’t Braxton Hicks after all!! LOL!! So it all started Sunday night, I started having “Braxton HIcks” then on Monday too. I had a doctors apt Monday afternoon and I asked my doctor to check me b/c I was now 36 weeks, she said nope, we start checking at 37 weeks and those [...]

Scott didn’t wait for Jon to get home from his deployment, but I’m totally ok with that. Aside from labor taking MUCH longer than I’d expected, it was a wonderful experience that I have (mostly) only fond memories of. The length of my labor surprised me b/c my first baby arrived in just under 5 [...]

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I had been having contractions for a couple of weeks, but I refused to time them. I figure I really could care less how far apart they are unless I am in labor. At my 38 week appointment I was dilated to a 1 but still thick mucus & the baby was floating. Dr Spoon [...]

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November 3, 2008 at 1:30am I was up late as usual trying to get to sleep, when I felt this thump and a little bit of fluid come out. At first I was like “dang, my water just broke.” But, at the same time I was in denial. After having to make two trips to [...]

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From 34 weeks on I had bouts of contractions strong enough to make me think it was the real thing, I tried everything to get them to quit, and just when I was thinking I should go to the hospital, they would quit.  I was having twice weekly appointments after spending a few hours in [...]

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Our first child, Thomas James, was born on Monday, October 12th at 2:02am at Long Beach Memorial Hospital in Long Beach, California after approximately 11 hours of labor. At my 37 1/2 week OB appointment Friday morning I learned that the baby was positioned perfectly and I was 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. I knew [...]

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So, I’m not quite sure where to begin! It seems like getting to the point of finally meeting our babies was such a looong road! I ended up in the hospital an hour and a half away from where we live at 32 weeks gestational age, because I leaked some fluid and was contracting. This is [...]

I was 37 weeks pregnant with my second child, a girl, when I started having contractions the afternoon of Wednesday, August 12th. It was hot and muggy and I was miserable, so I went and took a swim with my 3 year old son. After doing some laps, my contractions started getting closer together, but [...]

I am so so SO happy to announce a completely drug-free VBA3C after inverted T (incision)!! I had been having prodromal labor off and on for the last week. I was having contractions every 4 minutes Sat evening but they didn’t seem to be going anywhere or getting any more intense so I just dismissed [...]

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