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I should have known something was up on Monday. I always joked with my midwife that when I show up for the appointment in my sweats, I’m done and the baby will probably come soon. Sure enough, I went to my appointment in my sweats for the first time on Monday morning. All day, Levi, [...]

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I’m a big wimp. I always have been. In fact, I wouldn’t even learn to ride a bike as a child because I was afraid I’d fall and get hurt. My mother always said that they would have to hook me up to an epidural the moment I found out I was pregnant. However, something [...]

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When I became pregnant with my first child I suddenly started to worry about what labor would be like. How painful would it be? Would I cope? Would I tear? Would it put me off ever having children again?! Then, to make matters worse, I found that other women were only too happy to share [...]

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Birth is inspiring, amazing, and empowering. This website shares a collection of real natural birth experiences from you, the readers. Births the way nature intended. No pitocin. No epidural. Just the beauty (and intensity!) of the human body at work. Whether you've had one natural birth, five natural births, or are considering natural birth in the future, our hope is you will find courage and joy in these stories. Enjoy.

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