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It was a typical Monday until 11 pm right on the nose. Justin and I had just finished watching one of our favorite shows, Seinfeld. I was enjoying Lily’rei’s hiccups and laughing and sharing this by holding Justin’s hand over my belly while she made my body bounce. Then all of a sudden I felt [...]

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So, I decided I was sick of the early labor dance and I wanted to try and do something about it… so since Bella was going to my Dad’s for the day, John decided to come home and see if we could get this thing rolling! We did acupressure, nipple stimulation, went for a walk [...]

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My ‘natural’ birth story, the story of Erik’s birth, truly begins three years before his birth when his older sister Roxanne was born.  Going into Roxanne’s birth, I did not feel empowered, I felt scared and sure that I would need an epidural.  My attitude about birth was formed only by the common lore that [...]

When I became pregnant with my first child I suddenly started to worry about what labor would be like. How painful would it be? Would I cope? Would I tear? Would it put me off ever having children again?! Then, to make matters worse, I found that other women were only too happy to share [...]

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I started feeling contractions Thursday night around 8:30, but they were very mild. Having been induced with Andelyn I wasn’t sure if it was real labor or not. I spent that evening reviewing my birthing book while Royal finished up at work. We went to bed around midnight and contractions continued to progress throughout the [...]

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I had no signs of imminent labor.  I went to my weekly midwife appointment and decided to get checked just to see the condition of my cervix and make a judgment call about any interventions we may want to take.  Understandably, I was a little disappointed to hear that I wasn’t even dilated to 1cm [...]

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