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I was 20 years old when our first daughter was born. Having grown up with a mother who was a birthing coach and a childbirth educator as well as a home birther, had given me a wonderful background and shaped my ideas of how birth was supposed to work. I had known from the time [...]

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Contractions (and when I say contractions I am not referring to the Braxton Hicks that I had been experiencing for weeks prior to labor. Also I would like to clarify that the word contraction can not accurately describe what labor feels like. My uterus was “contracting” but to my body as a whole the sensation [...]

I went in for my apt on the 20th (Tues) and was 3cm at 80% so Alisa (the best midwife ever) stripped my membranes. That night I started having light contractions…all night. So Wed we went for 3 yes 3 walks. Once in the AM around the hood with hubby then at the park with [...]

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It’s Friday, August 22nd, 2008, and I am a lumbering giant of a woman. I have enjoyed this second pregnancy, filled with wonder and awe and excitement, but now, after 40 full weeks of wonder and awe and excitement, I am tired. I almost decline an invitation to Todd and Lucy’s barbecue at their Laguna [...]

As many times as I have been pregnant and given birth in 10 years, it would surprise most people that we planned our sixth. Our others were not planned and happened out of God’s plan, instead. We went through the motions of purchasing the fertility monitors and basal thermometers- I joined the charting websites and [...]

*This birth story is told from the point of view of the father’s Aunt, who was also their doula* My journey began on August 1st when Amanda and Jonathan called to ask if I would be their doula.  I was completely taken by surprise!  Being a doula for family is not “a right,” it is [...]

This was my first natural birth and I was 3 days overdue with my third baby.   I started having contractions on Monday morning, November 25.  I was hoping that this would be the day. My contractions weren’t painful, but were coming consistently, but irregularly, if that makes since.  One would be 20 min. apart, then [...]

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It was the night following the afternoon in which I thought vehemently, “I can. NOT. do. this. one. more. day!”  I woke up when John came home late from a meeting, and noticed the familiar tightening that usually just faded away during the weeks prior.  Night-time, it seemed, was workout time for my tummy. But this time [...]

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I started feeling contractions Thursday night around 8:30, but they were very mild. Having been induced with Andelyn I wasn’t sure if it was real labor or not. I spent that evening reviewing my birthing book while Royal finished up at work. We went to bed around midnight and contractions continued to progress throughout the [...]

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Saturday morning I had started up with some very intense contractions. They were not letting up and I started wondering if I might be in labor. They came and went all weekend and I was starting to get frustrated and nervous that I just wouldn’t be able to do it. Every time I had a [...]

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