I woke up around 4:00am on April 19th with mild contractions and more bloody show. I went and warmed up my two herbal rice packs in the microwave and tried to go back to bed. I laid there for a good two hours having regular contractions and just couldn’t get back to sleep. I decided to just get up eat breakfast, unloaded the dishwasher and just straighten up the house. When all that was done I sat watching the news on TV.

All of a sudden I feel the baby move and there was a lot of pressure and then I felt/heard a pop. I immediately jumped up and ran to the guest bathroom where it was clear my water had broke. It was 6:45 am. I got Jeremy up and told him to call the midwife just to let her know where I was at (I had called her around 6am to tell her I was having regular contractions). I called my mom and told her what was going on (she was to watch Elizabeth during the birth) but I also told her no need to rush because I was sure it would be a while before the baby was here.

My contractions really started to pick up once my water was broke and they were getting closer and longer. I don’t know the exact timing because I was just trying to relax and breath through them as I knew timing them would only make me more anxious. I spent the time waiting for the midwife just relaxing between the yoga ball, bathroom and walking around. I knew I couldn’t get in the birthing spa until she was here because they were worried about me progressing much faster like I had with Elizabeth once I took the warm bath.

My midwife arrived sometime around 8:45am -9:00am. They checked my blood pressure and the baby’s heart rate both were great. I asked to get in the birthing spa and she said it was fine. It felt so good to get in the warm water it really helped with the back labor I was having and it really helped relax me more.

The majority of the time I was in the game room alone in the birthing spa. Occasionally the midwife and the doula would come in and get me to drink water and ask if I wanted anything to eat. They sat in the hall way listening to me breath through my contractions and timing them. I started to feel pushy but it just seemed too early to be needing to push but my midwife encouraged me to go with what I was feeling and my body was wanting to do. The baby was still posterior at this time and I could tell because of the back labor I was having and the fact that it felt like the baby was coming out of the wrong end…lol. I expressed this to my midwife and she assured me to just wait it out and continue to listen to my body, that the baby would turn into position when it was ready.

The contractions were getting stronger and longer. I was on my knees and just leaning on the side of the spa. I started to feel sleepy and wondered if it was transition but once again convinced myself it was too early for that. My midwife knew different. She came in and told me that I was a lot further along than she had originally thought and she started laying out the chux pads, shower curtain and birthing stool.

My mom and sister got to the house and switched off with Jeremy to watch Elizabeth. He had no clue things were as far along as they were. He came down into the room and was going to take the trash out and the midwife told him he probably wanted to hang around it was close. I was shocked and relieved to hear those words. The midwife asked me if I wanted Jeremy in the tub with me and I said no. He sat on the outside of the tub beside me quietly waiting (they all knew I preferred to be alone mostly and do it all myself).

The contractions and the urge to push got super close and instead of opening my mouth to breath I started clenching my teeth, grabbing tight on the side of the tub and breathing through them. Instantly the doula came in and told me to hum. I looked at her like she was crazy. I am not a vocal person when in pain and the thought of humming just felt odd. It was not easy for me to do at first but she sat on the birthing stool and made eye contact with me and would open mouth hum through my contractions with me. It was soooooo amazing how quickly my body relaxed once I started the humming.

I started to push and the baby’s head was crowing. I reached down to assure myself and I could feel it. My midwife told Jeremy it was time and he moved to get a better view. I leaned back a bit in the tub and did three short and easy pushes to get the baby’s head out. Once the head was out the body followed instantly. I reached down and grabbed my baby up out of the water. Instantly the baby started crying and looking around. I put the baby up to my chest and they gave me a towel to put around the baby. It was a minute or two before the midwife finally asked is it a boy or a girl. I still find it funny that it never crossed Jeremy or my mind to see what the gender was. I unwrapped the towel and announced “it’s a boy”.

The spa filled with blood and the midwife asked me if I could get out of the spa. They wanted to make sure it was the placenta and not me hemorrhaging. I held the baby and got out to sit on the birthing stool, to everyone’s relief it was just the placenta delivering.

We put the placenta in a bag , got our little boy a new warm towel and headed to our room to relax with our new baby. We just spent the next two hours in bed nursing and napping as a family. After the two hours the cord had stopped pulsating so Jeremy cut the cord.

Declan Lucas was born April 19, 2009 at 10:05am. He was 8lbs 3 oz and 20 ½” long. I still can’t believe how quickly it all happened. Contractions at 4am, water broke at 6:45am and by 10:05am he was here!