It all started on Friday, March 30th. I woke up around 4am that morning having contractions. I headed to the bathroom and noticed there was bloody show. I went back to bed not wanting to alert Jeremy just yet,but at the same time thinking this baby will be here soon. The contractions lasted most of the day, but they never got really strong or too close together. I called the hospital and my doctors office and they both assured me this was just the beginning and to stay off my feet and relax. I called in to work to tell them I wouldn’t be finishing out my two days. I stayed home and relaxed. The next day Saturday was a normal day. I had no contractions. I still stayed home and relaxed.

Round two of this story starts in the early am hours of April 1st. My first thought on my contractions starting was I cannot have this baby on April Fools day and second thought was Dr. Terryberry is out of town until the second, I have to wait until tomorrow.

I told Jeremy what was going on and he started timing contractions. They were always between 3-5 mins apart but only lasting 20-30 seconds. I figured it was still too early. Once my contractions got to a constant every 3 mins we finally headed to my parents house just in case (we live about an hour away from the hospital…my parents are less than 10 mins from the hospital). Finally after staying at my parents house for a few hours and saying if I go they will only send me home I agreed to go to the hospital.

Around 8:00pm I was admitted for observation. I had to pee in a cup and put on a gown. The nurse checked me and I had only dilated to a 3. She hooked me up to 2 monitors. I also found out I was dehydrated. They kept bringing me juice to drink. After being there a little over an hour the nurse checked me again..still just a 3. She then called the Doctor on call. He said being a first time mom I had a good 12-14 hours more before I would deliver. I was sent home. I knew I would be. The nurse said she didn’t feel right letting me go. She loaded me up with juice and told me to work on breathing and focusing and I would need it when It was time to push.

We went back to my parents house to get our little dog. They tried to get us to stay with them just in case. I was hard headed and just wanted to take a hot bath in my tub (the hospital told me I could) and sleep in my bed. We got home around 11pm. I took my bath and decided to sleep on the couch in the living room. I couldn’t get comfortable in bed and my little dog was so worried about me he keep pacing and kissing me. Jeremy had to work the next day so I told him to go on to bed I would be fine. It had to be around 11:55pm when he left me on the couch to go to bed.

Here’s where the fun begins… The contractions were still just 3 mins apart and I really do not believe they were getting stronger. I was a little mad my hot bath hadn’t seemed to help the back pain. I would dose off to sleep between the contractions. I was getting about a 3 min nap between each contraction. Finally after suffering through these “not labor yet” contractions I decided maybe I needed to empty my bladder. I was also thinking “if this isn’t labor and it only going to get worst… Elizabeth will be our only child”.

Once I got to the guest bathroom I never left. I can remember the back labor being so painful I would dig my fingers in my back and massage it during the contraction and then lean over on the sink and take my little nap. I’m not really sure how long I did this, I just know there was one point I woke up the contractions had stopped and I felt the urge to push. I remembered reading pushing too early was a bad thing so I tried to fight the urge to push. My body took over and I had to push.

I remember looking down and my belly had dropped almost like it wasn’t there anymore. I pushed a few more times and realized this has got to be it. I stood up to go get Jeremy and that is when i noticed the bulge between my legs. The head was not out yet but it was time for this baby to come. I knew I had to get Jeremy. I made it to the door of the bathroom when I felt the urge to push again. I started to back up to the toilet knowing I would probably pass out like before. I was standing when I pushed. It was then my water broke and out comes Elizabeth. It all happened so fast. One push a gush of water and there I was holding Elizabeth. By the grace of God I caught her, threw my legs together, and sat on the toilet.

I flip her over, the first thing I notice is she looks just like her daddy. Then I calmly call down the hall “Jeremy….the baby is here”. I hear him get up. He tells me later he thought I meant I needed him to take me back to the hospital. He turns the corner and there is Elizabeth sitting in my lap wide eyed.

Jeremy then calls 911. They ask him all these questions and walk him through tying off the cord (which he did with a spare pair of hot pink shoe laces). The EMT’s were there in less than 15 mins. I had delivered the placenta while waiting for them. The EMT’s cut her cord, put her in a little blanket bag and we were off to the hospital. I got to hold her and nurse her the whole way there. I was soooo exhausted…excited..yet relaxed and calm. Jeremy followed behind with our bags and dog.

Once I got to the hospital, I saw the nurse from earlier. She told me when they got the call that a female from the beach that was 39 weeks along had delivered her baby at home she knew it was me but was hoped it wasn’t because they had sent us home.

Elizabeth was born April 2, 2007. She weighed 7lbs 1.5ounces. She was 19 inches long. The approximate time of birth is 2:30am.We weren’t sure of the exact time of birth, but judging by the time of the 911 phone call was made (2:38am) they guesstimated that time of birth had to be around 2:30am.