Harlee Anne was born Tuesday June 9th 2009 at 1:33pm. 6lbs, 9oz 19.5 inches long. Apgar scores of 9 each time.

I woke up at 6:30am and had mild contractions. Thought-eh, here we go again-this had been going on for days. Immediately I sat on my exercise/birth ball and made large circles with my hips and when the contractions got painful I bounced up and down-hard (let’s shake that baby down!) I yelled and cried and let it out but got through them. I remembered my Hypnobabies scripts and “imagined my baby sliding quickly and easily down the birth canal.”

At 9:30am I figured I better get a shower in case this was it. After my shower I woke up my husband (he was mad I had let him sleep for three hrs, but hey he’s a grump in the morning. I still have no clue how he slept through all my yelling!) He began timing them and got excited. I remained reserved (yes I’m pessimistic) that it just would fizzle. He timed them for 20 minutes each hour-they just got closer. He got really excited and was running all over frazzled, packing last minute items. I had to remind him to feed our pets about four times.

I knew I wanted to stay home as long as possible, but really, how do you know how long to wait? Well I waited till they averaged. 1 1/2 to 2 min. apart and we drove 10min. to the hospital. I think we left the house at about noon. The car ride just intensified the contractions. I was still in denial-thinking that this can’t be it, I can’t really be having a baby today. My husband got a security person to bring a wheelchair to the car and bring me inside while he parked and brought in our bags. I waited forever in the emergency check in. Apparently I must not have looked like I was in active labor. A nurse finally asked when I was due, and I could barley yell “Overdue!” (I was 40w and 4days.)

I was promptly whisked to L&D triage where a resident doc checked me and said I was 6cm, and 100%. Woohoo! They quickly moved me to a labor room, by then my sis had arrived and helped my husband lug all our gear to the new room.

Contractions were getting very intense. I sat on my ball while DH sat on the edge of the bed and held me up while the nurses filled out paperwork and asked annoying questions. I don’t think the air worked in the room and by this time my whole body was DRENCHED in sweat. They had a hard time finding her heart rate and kept wanting me to lie down in the bed, and finally said I HAD to. By then I was SCREAMING my head off-they hurt so bad. Everything became very fuzzy and I began to blank out.

I said-“OK you win-give me drugs now in an IV!” (I said no IV in my birth plan-I am deathly afraid of needles!) They kept saying –“Ok it’ll be a few minutes.” I thought I seriously would DIE from that pain. How could anyone live through this? Then I screamed-“Bring me an epidural NOW! Hurry!” The woman said “Ok but we have to get you completely checked in before they can authorize it-it will be about 20 more minutes.” Lady-I’m going to pass out here-Now, now, now! I was in SO much pain. Finally someone had the sense to check me again-and low and behold I was complete and ready to push.

***Afterthought:  That was transition, but I didn’t recognize it.  When you think you’ll die, that is transition.  It was very hard to focus with them demanding I answer stupid questions I already answered in triage and from “Pre-registering” (what a joke!)

After they checked me I felt a big gush and I knew my water had broke. By this time they had the IV line in but nothing was ever put in it. She says, ”Its too late now-you can’t have anything.” I kinda panic, but hey she said I’m ready to push and before they were even set up, with each contraction, I was gently grunting that baby down.

The last time I looked at the clock it was 1311, and she was born at 1333, so I think I pushed for 22 minutes. My doc didn’t make it in time-they had so many people in the room the on call doc at the hospital was rushed in. At the last sec, Mr. Meanie doc from my practice “caught” the baby (thankfully he was totally polite and nice that day for once).

Pushing was…the easy part. There was no “ring of fire”. I kept thinking-are you sure she’s right there? cause I don’t feel like it. I felt her head with my finger-still thinking there’s no way this baby is gonna fit! Once I really pushed I knew I peed all over-it just came out. I heard them say they wanted to cath me (I did not want) and they kept saying “Oh it won’t hurt, it won’t hurt”-yeah right! I kept screaming at the lady-“Its hurting you lied! Stop stop!” My sister said they just gave up cause the contractions were coming so fast. I pushed so hard I thought “I hope this is it cause I just don’t have anymore in me.” Once her head was out, the rest just slid out.

Mr. Meanie doc even remembered DH wanted to cut the cord, and without skipping a beat, he handed the scissors over to DH. She was put on my belly for a few minutes, but had a lot of fluid in her lungs so she was taken straight across from me to the warmer for evaluation. Sis went with baby and DH stayed holding my leg. It was only a matter of a few minutes and they said the placenta was coming, and to give a little push. Easy peasy (that part).

I ended up with a second degree midline tear (not bad I suppose…) The doc proceeded to sew me up-said the numbing medicine would help. OK-I don’t know if that syringe had saline in it or what-but I felt every stitch with that “hook”. I kept saying “owe, owe, owe” I swear he took forever. Then I started shaking uncontrollably, which they said was from the hormones and was normal.

Finally a nurse cleaned me up and baby was brought over to me. A neonatologist was brought in first to deep suction her, since she didn’t spend enough time being squeezed in the birth canal. Then they had to get her temp up a bit. I attempted to breast feed, that was very heartbreaking-she just wouldn’t suck. I cried. We held her and stayed in that room for an hour before we were moved to a postpartum room. It took two more tries at BFing, but she finally latched on in the side lying position.

We were discharged about 30 hrs after she was born. It would have been sooner, but the pediatrician apparently forgot about us. I was very pleased with the way everything went. I doubted myself the whole time, mainly because I knew everyone else doubted me too. But I did it, we did it. Just how I wanted. We are now a family of three, and I am in total awe of this wonderful miracle God has given us.


First-time mom.  Survived infertility and got our miracle!