I went from planning on making supper around 4:00, to sending hubby out to get McDonalds and my sister around 4:20, to them arriving home an hour later and 10 minutes after that hubby calling for my sister to come and catch while he was on the phone with 911.  The midwives were about 20 minutes out, but there was no way to know that I was going to go that fast.

I took a bath after hubby and our son left, and then went and laid down to see how that would feel.  The contractions had been about 10 minutes apart until about 4pm and then went to about 3 minutes but totally manageable just after that.  Once I laid down, I realized that I wasn’t getting back up again.  I didn’t have the phone to call the midwives or hubby, and the contractions started coming one on top of another, about 2 minutes apart and I was having trouble focusing on anything else.  Hubby and my sister and our son arrived and my sister got him into the kitchen for supper.

It wasn’t long after that my water broke, much to my surprise.  We called the midwife back to let her know, and by the time she called back (a couple of contractions later) I felt the urge to push and couldn’t stop it.  So she told hubby to call 911.

My sister came into the bedroom, but poor Little Mister was strapped in his chair in the kitchen.  He could hear me yelling and all, and I could hear him in the kitchen.  “Get me down from here!!!!  Mommy!  Are you okay?!  Get me down!!!”  He was mad.  LOL

So the baby’s head came out, but I forgot how to push properly.  She was stuck for a few minutes until I regained my focus and pushed again.  I got a second degree tear from her shoulders, but at least she came out.  She didn’t breathe right away, but after some vigorous rubbing she started to.  She’d aspirated meconium and had a lot of goo in her respiratory system, but she was okay.  Apgar was roughly 9.

I took the phone and the 911 operator was telling us to clamp the cord, but I didn’t want to yet.  I wanted to wait, so I told her that and that I had to clear the line so that I could be available for the midwives if they called.

The paramedics arrived about 5 minutes after she was born, and the first midwife right after.  The second arrived about 15 minutes later.  All was good, I didn’t need to go to the hospital.  I did have to get a shot of oxitocin for the bleeding, but otherwise I was fine and so was the baby.  She’s now a very happy and healthy toddler.

Mama B