Marley was born at the Austin Area Birthing Center in Austin, TX using the Bradley Method.  Marley was positioned “sunnyside up”  and we worked for days with the hard labor.  It started late in the evening March 7.  The next day, my husband’s birthday, we were sure he would be born.  We tried walking, I walked about 2.5 miles to and from the state capital. I did fine on the way there but on the way back I was in pain.  I remained in pain for days. I was in hard labor for two full days at home.  Every 5 to 10 minutes I was doubled over in pain.

Finally on March 11, things started to progress.  We arrived at the birthing center at about 9:30 am.  When we got there, our midwife was so kind and encouraging.  Soon after arriving I got into the tub.  Due to my long labor I had stopped eating and taking fluids and our midwife really started to get stern with me about drinking fluids.  After a while my mother came in and rubbed my back while I labored in the tub.  During this time my husband took a short nap.  He had gone days without sleep while I labored at home.

I drifted in and out of consciousness while in the tub.  I think it was more from the exhaustion then the pain.  I remember crying tears of love and feelings of oneness with the Universe as the beautiful Goddess chants calmed my nerves.

My husband returned and he and my mother helped me to the shower.  The midwife checked me and my waters were still intact.  She asked if I would be ok with her breaking my bag of waters.  I told her that would be fine.  She did and things started moving faster.  The contractions never got worse than the days before but they began coming faster.  It seemed as if I had no breaks from that time until the time he was born about hour later.

I went to the toilet to sit after having my waters broken.  As I sat there, my husband sat between my legs for me to lean on.  All of a sudden he became very excited when he announced to me that he thought he had just seen our son for the first time!  A few seconds later he yelled out again when he saw that our son had hair.

We all decided it was time to move onto the bed.  I sat up on the bed, my mother sat behind me for support, my Mother-in-Law held my left leg, my husband held my right leg, one midwife stood between my legs and another midwife stood further back holding a pulley.  Due to my long labor my uterus was not having strong enough contractions to birth my son without intervention so we used a pulley system.

When Marley’s head came out of me his eyes were wide open and looking up at his Grandmother.  Then the rest of him came out with the next push.  Marley was born after 15 minutes of pushing.

He was placed on my breast and did not cry.  He did not feed for about half an hour.  I never knew love could be so intense!  The experience was beyond anything I could have imagined.  After this loving experience I have no question that we would do it all the same if we have another child.

Marley was born weighing 8lbs 9oz.