I had a very easy pregnancy – felt great throughout all of it and gained about 30-35 lbs overall (I was slightly overweight to begin with).

At 37 weeks, I thought I would be pregnant forever (don’t we all feel that way?) but then I hit 38 weeks and I realized I would be having a baby very soon.

I worked on Feb. 12, 13 and then there was a Valentine’s Day snowstorm so I stayed home that day. I went into work on Feb. 15 to have my work baby shower! I told everyone that I would not be coming back (they thought I was a silly first time mom).

I went for my dr’s appt on Feb. 16 and my dr (who never gave me much information other than “looks good”) told me that I would have a baby by Monday. I was a little shocked that she was so sure but, hey, she does this a lot.

So, 2am Saturday (Feb. 17) the contractions started. They were *nothing* – random, not intense, boring! I did decide not to go to my last prenatal yoga class as I figured we were getting close.

At 6pm, I asked hubby if we could go to the hospital (silly first time mom) as I wasn’t happy with the amount of “bloody show.” The hospital is 30 min away but away we went.

We stayed at the hospital for about 3 hrs – nothing was happening. My contractions were still all over the place and I was 3 cm dilated. They asked me if I wanted to go home and I jumped at the chance! This hospital, though good, has a very high drug/c-section rate and I did want a natural childbirth.

So, away we went. I am 99% sure I went into final labor on the drive home but tried to convince myself that I wasn’t (silly first time mom). I breathed through the contractions until about 1am on Sun, Feb. 18, when I told hubby that I couldn’t handle them any more.

Off we went – what an awful 30 minute drive! Of course, the only position I wanted to be in was bent over a chair – not sitting, not lying down. It was rough.

Got to the hospital, hubby left the car at the emergency room door, and ran me upstairs. Went to triage where they forced me to lie down (ugh – hospitals) and I asked if there was anything (non-narcotic) to take the edge off (so much for natural childbirth!). Well, it was too late – I was 9 cm dilated and the baby was on her way! Yeah!

The ran me into L&D and my water finally broke. This was probably close to 2am. They got a couple bags of saline in me and my antibiotics for Strep-B before M was born at 2:50am. It was a close one!

I thought my natural childbirth was fine – great actually. I felt much better after my water broke. I did seem to have trouble pushing (on my back) and that was frustrating to me. But, I think I pushed 4-5 times before M came out.

I actually said to the L&D nurse after she was born that I was disappointed with my pushing (silly first time mom). She looked at me like I had 2 heads. “You had a natural childbirth! You did great!” I only found out later that M was born with her left arm up against her head so I wasn’t just pushing a head through! I ended up with a #2 tear – no biggie.

So 2:50am February 18, 2007, M was born (38 wks 5 days) and by lunch time the same day, I was ready to leave the hospital. I felt great. I was up, out of the hospital gown, and climbing the walls! One nurse had a hard time figuring out who the new Mom was when she came in to check on me!

I would do natural childbirth again in an instant.  I would only change how I gave birth – maybe try to find some place that allowed me to give birth in a more natural position. Or, I’ll just labor at home again and hope I don’t give birth in the car!

Here is a picture of us on February 18, 2007 at about 3:40am. Taken with my hubby’s cell – the camera was still in the car downstairs!


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