Scott didn’t wait for Jon to get home from his deployment, but I’m totally ok with that. Aside from labor taking MUCH longer than I’d expected, it was a wonderful experience that I have (mostly) only fond memories of. The length of my labor surprised me b/c my first baby arrived in just under 5 hours, but this baby took 12 1/2 hours. . . here’s my birth story though. . .

Around 7:15 the night before Easter I started having contractions, but figured they were just more braxton hicks b/c I get them ALL the time. I took my son on a walk hoping it might turn them into something more or make them go away. . . they kept building, but nothing too bad. I got my son his bath and put him to bed, got his Easter basket out, and did some laundry and dishes. I figured if I WAS in labor, I didn’t wanna come home to a stinky, dirty house.

The friend who was gonna drive me to the hospital came over, and we decided to watch a movie, but ended up leaving in the middle of it. . . I got to the hospital around 1215. My contractions weren’t regular, but they were bad enough I knew it was time to go anyways. The l&d nurses weren’t so sure, hooked me up to the monitors, and were debating whether to keep me there or send me home.

Around 2 am, they said they’d check me in about half and hour and see if i’d made any progress, then decide. After telling me that, the nurse asked if my water her broken or anything, and RIGHT THEN, as she asked, it broke. . . I wasn’t sure b/c it was just a trickle, and I’ve had times before where that happened and it turned out I’d peed myself, so I said that. She said we’d be able to tell on the next contraction, and sure enough, it all just came gushing out. There was ALOT more than I’d expected, but at least then I knew they were keeping me and I was having Scott.

They checked me and said I was at 6 cm and 80% effaced, and that I had another water bag in there! They said something about a forebag, so I assumed that’s what had broken and the main bag was still in tact and asked them not to break it.

We got a message to Jon (he was deployed at the time) to call b/c I was in labor, so I got to talk to him for a little while until I started having back labor and had to really focus to get through the contractions. That was around 3:30 or a little after, maybe. Another friend had shown up shortly after I got to the hospital, so I asked her to do some counter pressure on my lower back to relieve the pain from the contractions and it helped SO much! I’d had back labor with Trevor too, but it wasn’t that bad and I didn’t think to have anyone do any counter pressure. I wish now I had, it was a huge help in dealing with the pain.

I started to feel like I needed to push a little, but not like I COULDN’T stop it, so I asked to be checked. I was at 8 cm, but the nurse said that 2nd bag was what was making me feel the urge to push. It wasn’t terrible, so I figured it would only be an hour or so till I was fully dilated. well, 3 hours later, I was still there – they checked me and I was STILL at 8 cm. I was completely exhausted at that point, it was just after 7 am and I hadn’t gotten any sleep. They said if I let the doctor break the forebag, I’d probably be done much faster.

I realized then that i’d gotten confused at first – I thought they said my forebag had broken when really it was the main one that broke. I told them definitely go for it then, break it and get it over with. The doctor came in and broke it, and there was another huge gush – even the doctor was surprised by how much fluid was in there (explains why I was SO huge though). . . 2 contractions later, I was fully dilated and screaming for them to get the doctor back in there because I was pushing and there was no stopping it. The nurse told me not to make her deliver the baby and I told her I wasn’t making her any promises. . .

The doctor came in right about then and they let me start pushing (not that I wasn’t pushing before, I just had their permission at that point). . . He was doing counter pressure to help keep me from tearing, but it was so distracting that I couldn’t push effectively at all. I kept telling him to stop, but I think everyone though I meant to make the contractions stop because they just ignored me and kept saying “you’re almost done, just push, you’re doing great!” Finally, I kicked the doctor and said “You! Stop it!” He did, and after that, I pushed 3 times and Scott was born at 7:49 am on April 12, 2009 (Easter morning)! He weighed 7 lbs., 15.4 oz. and was 20 inches long.

The first thing the doctor said as he put him on my chest was “Congratulations, now you can eat anything you want!” (I’d had gestational diabetes) my one friend was offering me chocolate almost immediately. . .  I didn’t want it quite then, but I thought it was kinda funny.

The new baby already knew his mama though – when they took him away to weigh him and a couple other little things, he screamed his little head off, but as long as he was with me, he was a happy little boy. I was able to nurse him for about half an hour before they had to take him to the nursery, so I was over the moon about that.

I didn’t tear, but I had to get 2 small stitches b/c my skin stretched and wasn’t fitting together EXACTLY the way I was supposed to. best part though, was that I felt so much better throughout the whole thing. Even when they weren’t letting me push yet, I was able to talk and laugh and joke in between contractions like nothing was going on at all, and I did it w/out any drugs.

The l&d nurses, as well as my nurses in the maternity ward kept telling me I was a “rockstar” and asking why I didn’t have him at the birthing center (apparently that’s an option, but no one ever told me. . . I couldn’t have though; since I was on diabetes meds for my gd, I was considered high risk enough I had to be in the hospital). Anyways, within an hour after having him, I was up and walking around on my own, I felt great! by the next day, I hardly noticed any soreness, and the 2nd day, when I left the hospital, I felt more like I was 2 or 3 WEEKS postpartum, not just 2 days.

Scott nurses like a pro, although I had to use a nipple shield at first because he’s got such a narrow, high palette that I got blisters even when he latched 100% correctly. It’s helped a ton, and I was able to stop using it before he was a month old.

AND even though Jon wasn’t able to be there, he got home the following Monday (when Scott was 8 days old) – for good! Yay!