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If you would like to submit your natural birth story you may use the Contact Us link.  If you plan on including photos as attachments, you can email us your story with the attachments at

Guidelines for submissions:

  • You may change names of people and locations if you wish.
  • You may include a short bio, for example: Jane, mother of 2, midwife and homebirth advocate.
  • You may include a link to your blog or website.
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About this website

Birth is inspiring, amazing, and empowering. This website shares a collection of real natural birth experiences from you, the readers. Births the way nature intended. No pitocin. No epidural. Just the beauty (and intensity!) of the human body at work. Whether you've had one natural birth, five natural births, or are considering natural birth in the future, our hope is you will find courage and joy in these stories. Enjoy.

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